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Algorithms in Child Welfare

A Human-Centered Review of the Algorithms used within the U.S. Child Welfare System

Members: Devansh Saxena, Dr. Shion Guha

Publications:CHI 2020

Online Harassment

Online Harassment over Anonymous Social Media in Bangladesh

Members: Fayika Farhat Nova

Publications: ICTD 2019

Silenced Voices: Understanding Sexual Harassment on Anonymous Social Media Among Bangladeshi People

Members: Fayika Farhat Nova

Publications: CSCW 2018

Sharing of Public Harassment Experiences on Social Media In Bangladesh

Members: Fayika Farhat Nova, Dr. Shion Guha

Publications: CSCW 2019

Social Media Non-Use

All Users are (Not) Created Equal: Predictors Vary for Different Forms of Facebook Non/use

Members: Shion Guha

Publications: CSCW 2019

Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System

An Interactive Study of Milwaukee Crime Statistics & Kernel Density Estimations

Members: Joe Chudzik, Katy Weathington, Chris Supinger, Md Romael Haque


Exploring the Impact of (Not) Changing Default Settings in Algorithmic Crime Mapping - A Case Study of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Members: Md Romael Haque, Katy Weathington

Publications: CSCW 2019